Reminders from the CPD about what not to do

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Reminders from the CPD about what not to do

Post  GiantBaby on Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:28 pm

Just a reminder about some of the stuff the CPD discussed with us today. If we make the CPD's job easy it helps maintain good relations. Remember, if/when the scilons start their fare gaming practices you will need to go to for help. Don't make an ass out of yourself.

A) Don't stand in (or dance) in the driveways.
There are some sidewalk patches in between the driveways. Make do with what we've got.

B) Please be aware of any children around & don't talk or yell to or at them & be aware of what & how you say things to adults in their presence.
These kids have no control over where their lives are taking them. And probably couldn't use the internet even if they had a computer right in front of them. The kids that are lucky enough to go to a real school might be subjected to being picked on by class mates who don't know any better. So when addressing adults in their presence, please keep your comments informational, sane & at a reasonable tone. These are the kind of kids who will eventually end up at .

ETA: Other knows issues that did not come up as question in this protest

C) No handing out fliers to cars (unless they are pull over to the curb).
It doesn't matter how much the person wants the information. The police say we can't do this. They are probably concerned about hindering traffic & general safety.

D) Make sure that pedestrians can comfortably pass by the sidewalk. Make sure you stay aware of your surroundings.

The bottom line for the police is they want to make sure everyone stays safe. Keep that in mind & we shouldn't have any problems.
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Re: Reminders from the CPD about what not to do

Post  cincyangl on Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:25 pm

Ok, I will agree with MOST of what the police had to say, and remember, I sccoted minutes before this occoured... but, I think he was wrong about wat he said about kids being around. "take your kids to school, not a cult" That's not bad IMO. Why did he come over and *warn* Anonymous about what to say and not to say, and not say anything to the man *clam* that came over (against the ground rules), and was running his mouth on OUR side of the street. Now, vulgarities in front of kids, I agree is over the line, but the statement made by Anonymous was well within the relms of acceptable..JMO

As mentioned before, it's not a secret when Anonymous will be protesting, maybe not bring your kiddies that day!

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