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Protest Tips & Guidelines

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Protest Tips & Guidelines Empty Protest Tips & Guidelines

Post  eclipsael Wed May 14, 2008 6:39 am

What to Bring:

  • Signs, fliers, DVDs, business cards, your enthusiasm
  • Facial concealment (scarves, sunglasses, surgical masks, paint respirators). Read the guidelines in Protecting your identity. Guy Fawkes masks are allowed; feel free to bring yours.
  • Food (granola/energy bars, etc.)
  • Water (or other non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Cameras (video or still picture)

Protest Guidelines
  • Make your signs legible from a distance - Big fonts, preferably in one color. Keep the message direct & short. Avoid using any slang terminology. You're attempting to get a message across to the general public about a dangerous cult, not indulging your ego.
  • You're representing a cause - not an image board. If you attend a picket thinking otherwise, reconsider your motives and purpose. "Meme-speak" between Anons is acceptable, but please keep it to a minimum. Our past protests have been lots of fun for all involved, but remember that our main objective is informing the public.
  • Learn why you are there! - Do your homework. Have sources to back up what you say. Know why you're attending the picket. Spouting "Xenu!" or "lulz" at random people will make you look crazy and will distract from our objectives. Take maximum advantage of people's curiosity and make an effort to converse articulately.
  • Being "anonymous" - think about the meaning of the word. Costume masks, scarves, sunglasses, medical masks can obscure your features so you are not targeted as "fair game." Saying "I'm anonymous!" directly into videocameras is counter-productive, attention-grabbing, and possibly puts you at risk. For your own safety, don't do it. Conversely, please respect the privacy and security concerns of other protesters by not taking full-face photographs or footage.
  • Stay cool - Anyone who accosts a protester has likely been sent to "bullbait" or otherwise "handle" the protests. Attempted disruption may irritate you, but do not lose your temper. Stay above the bull-baiting, and if feeling intimidated or extremely angry, ask for intervention (i.e. blocking) from other protesters. Any uncontrolled behavior or angry shouting will harm the protest, tarnish our collective reputation, and possibly get you arrested for disorderly conduct. Please respect what you and others have worked hard to build. And yes, yelling 'Scientologists eat babies' falls under this, too don't do it.
  • Do NOT fraternize with the enemy - For your safety and to maintain a clear boundary, do not accept food, massages/touch therapy, bathroom breaks, or any other offers of assistance. It's easy to transmit substances through adulterated food, and through touch, and allows the target positive PR. (i.e. "Look how nice we Scientologists are to these hateful people.")
  • Respect and cooperate with police officers - Even if you disagree with police directions, be respectful and polite. Cincinnati's police officers are there for everyone's safety, and have been very supportive of us exercising our First Amendment rights in large part because we have been so easy to work with. Preserve that relationship. If they tell you to stay on the opposite side of the street, stay on the opposite side of the street.
  • Be cautious - Be extremely mindful of your surroundings both when arriving and leaving the protest area. Park in a safe but out of the way location. Do not go to your car if you are being followed, but go into a public building with lots of foot traffic and alert authorities/owners that you are being followed. If possible, come and go with someone trusted and known to you. Take an indirect route home.
  • Do NOT litter - Fliers and flimsy signs may rip or blow away if not firmly held. Make every effort to leave the protest area as clean as, or cleaner than when we arrived. Bags will be set up for food/drink garbage; please use them. In addition, take care not to leave cigarette butts lying around and keep used water bottles with you. A bit TFH, but better safe than sorry; remember who we're dealing with.
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