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Tips on Protecting Your Identity

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Tips on Protecting Your Identity Empty Tips on Protecting Your Identity

Post  eclipsael Wed May 14, 2008 6:43 am

The Church of Scientology has a long history of harassing their critics. To prevent this from happening to you, it is important to prevent them from finding out who you are.

  • Wear a disguise to the protests and any pre-meets (if you feel the need). Make sure to cover your entire face, and wear clothing that you don't normally wear. Feel free to wear Guy Fawkes masks; they're allowed! Scarves or surgical masks, sunglasses and a hat, paint respirators also work.
  • Remember that in Operation Freakout, the CoS obtained stationary with Paulette Cooper's fingerprints on it, then sent threats to an Arab embassy using that stationary. While it is difficult to always wear gloves, at least prevent getting your fingerprints on anything you hand out at the protest.
  • After the protest, do not go straight back to your car, and furthermore when driving, do not go directly home. If they get your license plate, it is trivial to get your name and address. The best method to prevent this is to change clothes in a public restroom after the protest (bring a second bag so they can't ID you from that) and do some shopping or go to a movie.
  • DO NOT bring your cell phone to the protest, if you can help it. Many of the people in other cities who reported being harassed after the February 10th protest stated that they had their cell phone on them at the protest, but it was turned off in their pocket. If you absolutely must bring your cell phone, take the battery out well before you arrive at the protest. Purchasing a pre-paid cellphone from a retailer such as Walmart is also an option if you have concerns.
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