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Post  GiantBaby Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:52 am

You are not alone.

Many former Scientologists find it very comforting to finally be able to talk about their issues with people who understand what they have gone through. Reading and sharing the experiences of other fellow former Scientologists alone helps people to understand what they have gone through, confront it, and know that they are not alone.

Here are a few forums former & current Scientologist can go to for support.

Ex Scientologist Message Board
In their own words:
This message board is for ex Scientologists to freely discuss mutual experiences in Scientology. It covers such topics as L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige and current management, auditing and training, Ethics tech and its application, OSA, fair game, Clear & OT levels, Freewinds, and recovering from a cult experience.
This board is also frequented by some 'Free Zoners' for those looking alternatives. It also is a good source of news, leaks & an insider's look on how Scientology's management really runs (without all the PR spin).

ExScientolgy Kids
In their own words:
Who We Are: Ex-Scientology kids is designed, owned, and operated by three young women who grew up in Scientology, and later left the Church. We feel that growing up in the Scientology environment is a unique experience that's almost impossible to comprehend unless you've lived it yourself. For what it's worth, we offer non-judgmental support for those who are still in Scientology, discussion and debate for those who've already left, and a plethora of easy-to-understand references for the curious.
Note for Scientologists
Scientologists: We understand that you don't want to ruin your case by accidentally looking at the OTIII materials, and we respect that. We've done our best to keep all info on confidential materials clearly marked and partitioned off from the rest of the site. If you want to look, look. If ya don't, ya don't have to.
There's even a "no registration required" forum area where anyone may anonymously post questions, comments and advice.
This is by far the best resource for people who have grown up & have been raised in Scientology. It truly is a unique experience. And should be looked at by current Scientology parents to understand what it is like for their kids and the effect it has on them.

The three women running this board are:
* Jenna Miscavige Hil, the niece of the current leader of Scientology, David Miscavige.
* Kendra Wiseman is the daughter of the current leader of Scientology's Citizenís Commission for Human rights (CCHR).
* Astra Woodcraft spent her young life in the Sea Org.

Operation Clambake Message Board
This was one of the first forums available to publicly discuss Scientology. Membership includes Ex-Scientolgoists, some current Scientologists, people who have family members still in Scientology & people who are interested in Scientology. Overall, this turns out to be a good support group. The associated website has a lot of information about Scientology as a whole. Also a good source for the latest juicy gossip & leaks coming out of Scientology's management.

Ex Sea Org Staff Chat
This is a group for Ex- Sea Org members. Most of us lost track of good friends when we got out and I wanted to set up a group where we may get a chance to hook up.
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