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A Few Words of Inspiration on Speaking Out

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A Few Words of Inspiration on Speaking Out Empty A Few Words of Inspiration on Speaking Out

Post  GiantBaby Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:55 am

From here:

James McGuigan wrote:As an ex-sci kid myself, telling my story, under my real name, was a step towards choosing to be self-determined and not the effect of the CoS.

I have always made a point of never holding any malice against the CoS or any individual, but at the same time refusing to be silent and speaking my truth fully. I have tried to remain guided by the concept of bodhicitta.

As a result of this approach, over the last couple of years, and without specifically seeking any of these goals directly, I have helped my mother come to terms with her SP declare, partially un-indoctrinated my step-father (mothers new husband), had my sister fitness-boarded out of the Sea Org and slowly getting back in touch my extended family, and my father un-qualled from being on OT7.

My situation is maybe different from that of other ex-scn kids, but all I can suggest is that you remain true to yourself and choose to the right thing now rather than the expedient comprise asked for by the CoS.

Those concerned about leaving Scientology due to being declared an SP or being disconnected from family need to know they have options. Frequently Scientology will attempt to continue to control you by withholding your loved ones from you. They use your family as bargaining chips to buy your silence. But as you see from the example above, once you call Scientology's bluff they have nothing else to hold over you. It also become problematic for them to exert the same level of control over your loved ones. All the guy above did was simply tell his story. Telling the truth and finding your voice is too much for Scientology to handle.

Other family members have been more aggressive about causing a stink (or as Scientology calls it a PR flap). Talking to media, protesting, involving the authorities (especially if one of your family members is under aged) have all been used to get a Scientologist off loaded. Their association with you at that point makes them a "PTS" ("Potential Trouble Source" according to Scientology). And the only solution to that is to distance themselves from that individual and eventually get rid of them.

I'll try to find some older documents on how other people were able to get family members booted from Scientology.

Remember, Scientology can only control you as much as you allow them.
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