Tips on Proper Camera Usage

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Tips on Proper Camera Usage

Post  eclipsael on Wed May 14, 2008 6:49 am

  • Take short shots; don't be a "hoser." By that, don't use your camera lens like you're watering your garden with a hose. Focus on what you want to capture, get the action.

  • Remember the rule of thirds. . Frame your shots and hold the camera steady. Images speak louder than words.

  • If there is any bullbaiting, train your cameras on the people being confrontational, and get everything on camera --this is crucial. All cameras watch every other camera.

  • If operating a video camcorder, please remember to hold the camcorder steady or invest in a tripod. Not a lot can be done for audio quality when shooting outdoors, but you will be able to pick up people chanting.
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