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Receive instant text updates through Twitter

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Receive instant text updates through Twitter Empty Receive instant text updates through Twitter

Post  TheComedian Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:01 pm

Some of us have set up a way to keep everyone updated through Twitter regarding not just the upcoming Monthly protests but other events that may come up. Here's what we're suggesting...

1. Set up an account on You can either use your existing one or set up one specifically for Anonymous.
2. Set up your phone onto said Twitter account. This is important to get alerts wherever you are.
3. Do a "Find Folks" search under "People" for CincyAnon. This is the name we're using at the moment, although this can change.
4. Once you've been added to the list, go to CincyAnon's twitter page and turn Notifications ON.
5. You will get a text message on your cell phone whenever CincyAnon updates their status.

We can use this to keep everyone informed of what's going on, where to meet, etc. at a moment's notice. Remember that these texts are not free, and if you don't have a text package on your account, you will pay for each message you get. Generally, though, it's usually only $.15 to $.20 a text.

Post here if you have any questions or better suggestions for keeping everyone up to date

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Receive instant text updates through Twitter Empty Re: Receive instant text updates through Twitter

Post  haddug Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:25 pm

The great thing about tying it to your cell phone is that you can receive updates up until you leave your car. (Hopefully you're not bringing your phone to the protest itself.) This would allow for last minute updates from on site. For example, if Spai sees something that people need to know, you'll find out that morning without having to log onto your computer.

It's pretty cheap to get a prepaid cell these days. Wal-mart has them for as low as $10, and some even come with minutes included. This would allow for some great co-ordination at the last minute.

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