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Post  Nancy Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:29 pm

Hello Cinci --- Nancy Many author of My Billion Year here. I have some work in Cinci that may be coming up and I needs some help from someone who is in the know. I have already booked one hour with Kathryn Raaker, a nationally syndicated TV/Web Show, we simply have not agreed on when. I told her need two weeks advance for airline tickets etc. and another show by Scott Sloan -- HTTP:/ Sloan.html, he is reading my book right now before he makes a decision. I may not have to go to Cinci'
if Scott's show is simply radio and I phone it in, but i know I want the entire one hour on televsion with Kathryn, so I will be in Cinci for at least one of the shows. I will be up on, including Kinde this week and listed as a book available for any bookstore to get.

I would like to know two thinks from someone familiar with this area:

#1 are these good talk shows? Have you heard anything about either of them?
#2 would you mind Faxing to me the Yellow Pages of Cinci Book Stores, so I can attempt to call a head and set up a signing. You need to be anonymous, but I obviously do not. My Fax# is (818)885-0488;

My Email is I would most grateful for any help from anyone.

Nancy Many


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