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February Frolic Post Game

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February Frolic Post Game Empty February Frolic Post Game

Post  Cudgel Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:21 am

Repost of Why We Protest Entry:

Zonker, post: 2278433, member: 19349 wrote:Had a great time! Got some horn love and saw a few middle fingers. Florence needs some anti cult educating. Lots of people seemed not so sure wtf we were doing. Handed out some cards but next time I'm going to have better signs and some flyers.

Little boy going into the cult with old dude and then coming back out with a sea org guy makes me sad.

Thanks to Cincyanons for the invite. I'll be back!

It was a gorgeous day weather-wise. And then Zonker showed up to make the day even brighter. With her and Scary Anonymous the day just breezed by. No confrontations, a few exchanges and a mystery uncovered: what's the device we found in the tree? Drove past a horrendous accident on my way home that delayed me quite a bit.

Pix and video tomorrow night.

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